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  PHPNuke 5.2 
Beschreibung: Sicherheitspatch für PHPNuke: Ersetzt die admin.php für PHPNuke 5.0 mit Ausschaltung des Dateimanagers (einem vielfach ausgenutzten Sicherheitsloch, dem schon einige Seiten zum Opfer gefallen sind).
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 354 bytes
Eingetragen am: 28.04.2002 Downloads: 274 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: - Nuke Fixes-Security

  Theme System AutoTheme 
Beschreibung: AutoTheme is a HTML Theme System for the PHP-Nuke CMS. The current theme system usually requires you to be somewhat familiar with PHP and the PHP-Nuke architecture. AutoTheme attempts to remove most of this complexity. AutoTheme primary benefit is providing users the ability to create PHP-Nuke themes in HTML using their favorite editor, with little or no use of PHP. In addition, AutoTheme provides easy customization of block display and custom themes for different modules!
Version: beta4 Dateigröße: 37.41 Kb
Eingetragen am: 26.12.2002 Downloads: 493 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: - Nuke Theme-Edit

  Menu Navigator vs. 1.0 
Beschreibung: A menu navigator to be included in the header.html file (file that must be included in the Theme folder)!
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 50.53 Kb
Eingetragen am: 12.02.2003 Downloads: 501 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: - Nuke Menüs

  Hot or Not vs. 2.0 beta1 
Beschreibung: The Hot Or Not module enables you to let users/members rate images on your PHP-Nuke website. It includes a block that will display a random image, which the user can rate from 1 to 10. The module shows lists of the images using different sorting, where the users can also rate the images. The admin section allows you to add/edit/delete categories. Within the categories, you can add/edit/delete images, by adding them one by one or a whole directory at ones!
Version: 2.0 beta1 Dateigröße: 40.00 Kb
Eingetragen am: 03.03.2003 Downloads: 563 Bewertung: 10.00 (2 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details | Kommentare (1)
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Galerien

  Forum Top Posters Block 
Beschreibung: Simple block that will list your sites top Forum posters along with their avatar and links to all their posts and their Forum profile. For use with PHP-Nuke 6.0 and bbtonuke 2.0.6!
Version: 6.0-2.0.6 Dateigröße: 1.01 Kb
Eingetragen am: 05.03.2003 Downloads: 420 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/Forum

  Site Messenger vs. 1.2 
Beschreibung: New updated version of the popular Site Messenger Module for phpnuke V6.5 and higher. this is update of V1.0 of 05-Jul-2003. Smaller block design. New with extra function buttons on block. Buttons functions:
-Send offline message
-Info button
-Saved messages Button
-Refresh button.
Very easy to install, check readme inside zip package!
Version: 1.2 Dateigröße: 250.50 Kb
Eingetragen am: 27.07.2003 Downloads: 748 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Messenger

  Golden-Seal Theme vs. 1.0  Populärste
Beschreibung: Description:
-Cool design
-Full Flash Logo
-Full Flash Footer
-Flash News & Flash-Blocks
-Header Rollovers
-Background Ambiente / Music
-Full Sound Effects in that Template
-Button Sounds
-Topic Icons
-User friendly
-Available for phpNuke -It requires Flash 5 or higher
-Source files included (photoshop 7.0 or higher)
-How to ? tutorial/screenshots
-phpBB2-Foums Templates comes later...check out our website
-NOTICE: You need a very fast Webserver/Client for this Template!
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 1.36 MB
Eingetragen am: 16.02.2004 Downloads: 1155 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details | Kommentare (1)
Kategorie: Nuke-Themes/Flash

  SPChat vs. 
Beschreibung: SPChat is a PHP based realtime chat system for PHPNuke 5.6 and above. The PHPNuke packed archive contains the Adodb library which is needed on PHPNuke Systems!
Version: Dateigröße: 787.88 Kb
Eingetragen am: 19.02.2004 Downloads: 247 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Chats

  PHPNuke 7.6 tar.tar 
Beschreibung: Die bis dato (17.11.04) neueste Version. Änderungen:
- According with the email number 213080 to Dave Turner (GPL Compliance Engineer) from the Free Software Foundation, the copyright notices of PHP-Nuke has been changed in order to be 100% compliant with the GPL license section 2(c). This copyright notices can't be removed and the Commercial License becomes 100% compliant with the GPL license. Hope this is the end of the story for the people that doesn't understand a bit of the GPL. Again, if you want to legaly remove the copyright notices from PHP-Nuke generated pages you must purchase the Commercial License, see http://phpnuke.org/modules.php?name=Commercial_License for more details and stop complaining about this issue, the Commercial License is legal, GPL compliant and approved by the Free Software Foundation. End of story.
- Fixed administrator edit function that didn't show the authorized modules to administer. (Thanks to jaggura from http://www.whereiroost.com)
- Added FireFox (http://firefox.com) browser support for site's counter that will show in Statistics module.
- Added RSS feed support for FireFox browser's Live Bookmarks.
- By popular demand and to avoid some administration system non-authorized entries attempts, now you can just rename the file admin.php to whatever_you_want.php and set the name in config.php file. Doing this nobody knows what's your administration filename. Additionaly a new method of URL redirection has been added to hide the referer when you click on a link inside administration system. If you have old administration modules not compatible with this new system you'll get "Access Denied" message. If this is the case, leave the admin.php file with its original name while you modify the modules or get a new compatible version of it.
- Added a new folder called /includes/custom_files where, if exists the files custom_mainfile.php, custom_header.php and custom_footer.php they will be included from mainfile.php, header.php and/or footer.php respectively. Also the file /includes/my_header.php has been removed and added the new /includes/custom_files/custom_head.php for anything that should be between and html tags in the code. With this feature will be more easy to update a site without lost your custom changes. These files will not be shipped with PHP-Nuke to avoid possible overwritting when updating the code. (Thanks to André V. Escudero for the tip)
- Moved Forums administration to the module's folder (Thanks to Chatserv from http://www.nukeresources.com)
- Added an extra check to administrators/authors adition functions to grant access to the superuser only (Thanks to Chatserv from http://www.nukeresources.com)
- Fixed a search results bug in Forums module (Thanks to Chatserv from http://www.nukeresources.com)
- Fixed a bug in the 7.3 to 7.4 upgrade file for Sections module migration (Thanks to Chatserv from http://www.nukeresources.com)
- Changed the password generator in Your Account module. System generated passwords now are 3 letters, 2 numbers and 3 letters.
- Fixed update_points() function call to clickbanner() function on banners.php
- Changed anonymous permissions for broken link report and modification requests in Downloads and Web Links modules!
Version: 7.6 Dateigröße: 2.95 MB
Eingetragen am: 01.12.2004 Downloads: 981 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: ! Basic-Packs Nuke

  CrossNuke Modulizer vs. 0.4 
Beschreibung: CrossNuke Modulizer turns most of standalone solutions (PHP, ASP, HTML, CGI, Perl etc) into standard nuke modules. It supports cookies and form submissions.
This first release may be used as a template. We have customized this module to run safely the popular OsCommerce open-source online shop solution in the PHP-Nuke/PostNuke environments, but feel free to create your own modules in seconds.
For more information please read the FAQ.
If you would like to run PostNuke modules in PHP-Nuke please try the special edition: CrossNuke PNModulizer!
Version: 0.4 Dateigröße: 63.62 Kb
Eingetragen am: 13.03.2005 Downloads: 314 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: ! PHPNuke-Admin-Tools

  Battlefield Server Query vs. 2.13 
Beschreibung: Multi Server Checker as PHP-Nuke module 433 kBytes, .zip-file.
Read included "Nuke ReadMe.txt" for installation instructions.
Includes all map pics for:
- Battlefield 2
- Battlefield Vietnam
- Battlefield 1942 (including Road to Rome and Secret Weapons)
Customizable for any and all themes you have installed on your site.
Server Checker adapted for PHP-Nuke by Threatcon with help from Slaughter and Pilo. With the help of a few members over the Brainpecker forums I have released the popular Multi Server Checker v2.13 beta for the Battlefield series in php-Nuke form. The module was tested on php-Nuke 7.8 and works flawlessly.
Please keep an eye out for updates to include:
Administration panel intagrated into the database (no more file editing), multiple language suport and block addon!
Version: 2.13 Dateigröße: 433.29 Kb
Eingetragen am: 24.07.2005 Downloads: 292 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/GameServer

  PHPNuke 8.0 zip  Populärste
Beschreibung: Die bis dato (20.09.06) neueste Version. Änderungen:
- Several cosmetic changes has been made in the News administration
- Added a Publish Now function for all Scheduled News listed in the main administration area
- Banners list in Advertising administration module now are ordered by position and banner name
- Advertising clients list is now ordered by client name in Advertising module's administration
- Forums, Members List and Private Messages modules are now not so dependent from core system, Many files has been moved from /includes/ folder to /modules/Forums/includes/
- Added new BBtoNuke (phpBB Forums port) version 2.20
- Removed useless and not working search engine links from Downloads and Web Links modules search result pages
- Added a new function in mainfile called info_box() which creates a nice message box with a related graphic. Values for the graphic (located in /images/system folder) are: warning, caution, tip and note
- Cosmetic changes to Surveys module. Last 5 polls block now goes under the current results block
- Minor cosmetic changes to Feedback module
- Minor cosmetic changes to Add New Download form display in Downloads module
- Minor cosmetic changes to IP Ban system list display
- Several cosmetic changes in Submit News module
- Added duplicate title and story text check in news submissions
- Added a new DoS/Flood attack protection that prevents multiple pages views in few seconds
- Cosmetic changes to Downloads module administration
- Changed the display list method of new submitted files in Downloads module administration by a single selection with the title and a separated validation page for each new file has been added
- Added installation system in /install/ folder (Based on Joomla Web Installer)
- Fixed a bug in the client login function in Advertising module (Thanks to keg01)
- Increased Advertising client cookie life from 1 hour to 24 hours
- Minor optimizations in HTTP Referers system display
- Fixed a bad use of define(INSIDE_MOD) in the mainfile.php that made useless this feature
- Added a new redirection system to be used by admin to not reveal as referer the admin filename when clicking on a link!
Version: 8.0 Dateigröße: 5.90 MB
Eingetragen am: 24.09.2006 Downloads: 3378 Bewertung: 10.00 (1 Stimme)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: ! Basic-Packs Nuke

  WebChat vs. 1.0.5a  Populärste
Beschreibung: Der beliebte WebChat für Postnuke, angepasst für PHPNuke 5.4 und höher, multi-language-Support. Neue, erweiterte Version des WebChat für PHPNuke, inkl. Sideblocks. Teilweise Code cleaning und Bugs bereinigt, sehr gute Version!
(The popular WebChat for Postnuke, adapted for PHPNuke 5.4 and above, with multi language support. New, advanced version of the WebChat for PHPNuke incl. sideblocks. Some code cleaned and bugs fixed, very good version!)
Version: 1.0.5a Dateigröße: 118.25 Kb
Eingetragen am: 21.04.2002 Downloads: 2433 Bewertung: 9.86 (14 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Chats

  Impressum Modul 
Beschreibung: Impressum for PHP-Nuke. As separate module with disclaimer. Should be on every site! Everything is in german language!
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 3.10 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15.01.2003 Downloads: 970 Bewertung: 9.82 (2 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Zusätzliche

  PHPNuke 6.8 Database Installer 
Beschreibung: The latest version of NukeSQL.php, this one for PHP-Nuke 6.8, includes
- Installation of all database tables through a web browser based point & click script
- Replace all tables option, allows you to start from scratch if your database tables become corrupted and no backup is available
New upgrade options:
- PHP-Nuke 6.0 to 6.8 upgrade
- Upgrade PHP-Nuke 6.0 and bbtonuke 2.0.6 to Nuke 6.8
- PHP-Nuke 6.5 to 6.8 upgrade
- PHP-Nuke 6.6 to 6.8 upgrade
- PHP-Nuke 6.7 to 6.8 upgrade!
Version: 6.8 Dateigröße: 73.45 Kb
Eingetragen am: 27.07.2003 Downloads: 708 Bewertung: 9.82 (2 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details
Kategorie: - Nuke Database & DB-Installer

  Deutsche Sprachdatei für Your_Account Modul  Populärste
Beschreibung: Komplett übersetzte deutsche Sprachdatei (lang-german.php) für das Your_Account Modul in phpNUKE Version 6.5 - 6.8!
Version: 6.5-6.8 Dateigröße: 5.94 Kb
Eingetragen am: 30.07.2003 Downloads: 1181 Bewertung: 9.82 (2 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details | Kommentare (1)
Kategorie: - Nuke Language-Files




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