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Kategorie: Start/Nuke-Module/UserTracking

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  Amazon Tracker vs. 1.0 
Beschreibung: Track how many impressions and clicks the Amazon images receive. Expansion of the capabilities of built-in Amazon block!
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 13.10 Kb
Eingetragen am: 06.03.2004 Downloads: 26
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

Beschreibung: This is a addon for PHP-Nuke 5.5 to log all pageviews of your PHPnuke website. It includes a admin-page to analyse the tracking log data and display it with the common object titles from your PHPnuke database.
- easy analyse tool for your nuke website traffic as an module in the administration area
- identify users by user-id and tracking id cookie
- store every singe page view in your nuke website in a new database table
- analyse pageviews and group it by time, visit, user, pages, ip, trackid
- select different periods to analyse like defines hours, days, free periods
- delete old tracking data
- track external links by using TRACKLINK.PHP also (see documentation below)
- track your Ebay auction
- configurable exclude rules for tracking by IP, username or URL
- configurable default menu
- dutch, english, french, german and italian language file
- CSS classes for design changes.
Version: 1 Dateigröße: 31.06 Kb
Eingetragen am: 06.10.2002 Downloads: 270
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 0.9.6 
Beschreibung: Tracking Addon Version 0.9.6 für phpNUKE Version 5.5 - 6.0. Welche Ihrer Seiten werden wie häufig angeschaut? Wie bewegen sich Ihre Besucher durch Ihre Webseiten? Wenn Sie die Qualität Ihrer Inhalte verbessern möchten, müssen Sie Ihre Kunden kennen. Wenn Sie die Navigation und das Design Ihrer Anwendung verbessern möchten, müssen Sie wissen, wie sich Ihre Besucher in den Webseiten bewegen. Tracking zeichnet jeden Seitenaufruf einzeln auf und ermöglicht Ihnen anschliessend die Analyse dieser Daten!
(How often are the pages of your website viewed? How are your visitors moving in your website? If you want to improve your pages you have to know your customers. If you want to improve your navigation and your design you have to know how your visitors are moving around your website. PHPnuke Tracking is tracking every pageview and give you the possibility to analyse that data!)
Version: 0.9.6 Dateigröße: 80.05 Kb
Eingetragen am: 13.01.2003 Downloads: 299
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 1.6 
Beschreibung: Just unzip the .zip file to overwrite all the files, then move the contents of admin/language/lang-english.txt into admin/language/lang-english.php, then run sql/nuke_hits.sql. Then IP Tracking should be working, check the Admin/Preferences page to change any IP Tracking settings, for 6.+!
Version: 1.6 Dateigröße: 23.80 Kb
Eingetragen am: 09.11.2002 Downloads: 212
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 2.2 
Beschreibung: IP-Tracking für (for) PHPNuke 6.0!
Version: 2.2 Dateigröße: 26.75 Kb
Eingetragen am: 11.02.2003 Downloads: 107
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 3.0.1 
Beschreibung: Displays who visited your site, when, how many times, and what pages they viewed. Click on any IP Address to drilldown to see what pages they viewed. Simply drop the module in place and add 1 line of code to includes/counter.php. That is It! This is based on my IP Tracking Addon that was part of the Statistics module. IP Tracking is now it is own module, improved, portable among all Nuke versions, and more configurable!
Version: 3.0.1 Dateigröße: 6.43 Kb
Eingetragen am: 25.02.2003 Downloads: 200
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 3.3 
Beschreibung: Displays who visited your site, when, how many times, and what pages they viewed. Click on any IP Address to drilldown to see what pages they viewed. Read the README and RELEASE-NOTES files for full details!
Version: 3.3 Dateigröße: 14.09 Kb
Eingetragen am: 02.12.2003 Downloads: 26
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 3.4.4 
Beschreibung: Features:
UPDATED December 5, 2003 v3.4.4:
1. allow admin to display ascending/descending sorting as arrows instead of hardcoded A/D in heading part of output ($updown_arrows in ipconfig.php, default to off).
2. New pulldown menu allows you to select a module, then only the IP Addresses that contain a hit to that module will be displayed.
3. renamed function Pages() to PagesViewed() in case another module has a function called Pages()
4. remove unneeded op=IP stuff
5. add language files for Greek, Indonesian UPDATED October 24, 2003 v3.4.3:
Display online status next to each IP address.
Default display grid color to $bgcolor2 and allow change in ipconfig.php.
More language files, tested in PHP-Nuke 7.0.
UPDATED September 20, 2003 v3.4.2:
Tested on PHP-Nuke 6.9, more language files.
Lately a few people said the table creation code in the module was causing problems so now the table creation is a separate step (your choice of browser based or SQL).
UPDATED August 2, 2003 v3.4:
Add $offset_hours to allow you to adjust timestamp being stored and displayed.
More languages
Newly tested on PHP-Nuke 6.6, 6.7
Cleanup code.
UPDATED April 8, 2003 v3.3.2:
(more options - display username, link to user profile, filterable output, sort by any column, more languages)
Displays online status, who visited your site, when, how many times, and what pages they viewed.
Click on any IP Address to drilldown to see what pages they viewed!
Version: 3.4.4 Dateigröße: 28.46 Kb
Eingetragen am: 07.12.2003 Downloads: 79
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details

  User-Tracking vs. 3.5 
Beschreibung: For PHP-Nuke all versions [5.x, 6.x, 7.0, 7.1]! Installation Instructions:
Simply drop the module in place and add this 1 line of code. include_once("modules/IP_Tracking/iptracking.php"); before the very last line in includes/counter.php. Create the table. That''s It !!!
Configuration in ipconfig.php includes:
$trackip: Activate IP Tracking? (1=Yes 0=No)
$ipmax: How Many IP Tracking Records Do You Want As A Maximum?
$ipdel: Delete How Many IP Tracking Records When Maximum Reached?
$numip: Display How Many IP Tracking Records Per Page?
$hide_ipseg[1]: Hide First Segment of the IP Address? (1=Yes 0=No)
$hide_ipseg[2]: Hide Second Segment of the IP Address? (1=Yes 0=No)
$hide_ipseg[3]: Hide Third Segment of the IP Address? (1=Yes 0=No)
$hide_ipseg[4]: Hide Fourth Segment of the IP Address? (1=Yes 0=No)
$hide_host: Hide Hostname? (1=Yes 0=No)
$ipmaskchar: IP Address Masking Character
$exclude_ips: List of IP Addresses to exclude from IP Tracking (wildcards ok)
$exclude_hosts: List of Hostnames to exclude from IP Tracking (wildcards ok)
$members_see_iphost: Ignore Hiding for Members? (1=Yes 0=No)
$members_see_users: Let members see User names? (1=Yes 0=No)
$show_hits: 0=show everyone, 1=only show member hits, 2=only show anonymous hits
$offset_hours: Number of hours offset from Server Time
$gridcolor: Color of IP Tracking display grid (defaults to $bgcolor2)
$members_see_online: Let Members see who is Online? (1=Yes 0=No)
$admin_see_online: Let Admin see who is Online? (1=Yes 0=No)
$updown_arrows: Show Up/Down arrows for ascending/descending sorting? (1=Yes 0=No)!
Version: 3.5 Dateigröße: 30.23 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15.03.2004 Downloads: 190
Homepage | Bewerten | Fehlerhaften Link melden | Details




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